Ana Gamarra Rondinel 


She is a Research Fellow at the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research. She is also a Research Fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course and a Research Affiliate at the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute (Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU).


Her research fields are taxation, family economics, education economics, and social and economic disadvantage. Her current research focuses on the impact of student loans on post-schooling outcomes, the effect of childbirth on household income and poverty risk, the revenue capacity of tax systems, and the several challenges associated with financial insecurity.


She received her B.A. in Economics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, her M.S. in Economics at the Universite Catholique de Louvain, and her Ph.D. in Economics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2020 (Summa cum laude).


I will present in the 79th Annual Congress of the IIPF (Utah State University), the 2023 HILDA Survey Research Conference (University of Melbourne), the 3rd Australian Workshop on Public Finance (Tax and Transfer Policy Institute), the Australia Anti-poverty week (MCRI) and the AASLE 2023 Conference (National Taiwan University).


111 Barry St, Level 5 (Office 6.12), Victoria 3010 (Australia)

T: +61 4 3122 9715, E:

Google Scholar, Twitter, University of Melbourne website, Life Course Centre website, LinkedIn, ORCID